Recent Lancaster Appraisal Testimonials.


From Andrew Glasgow, former director of The American Craft Council

Lee Lancaster brings over a decade and a half of experience working with rare books, North Carolina art and craft. For her appraisal services she relies on her skills acquired while investigating book values during her tenure at one of the country’s best rare bookstores.


From Leslie Klingner, Curator and Design Historian

With an eye for the rare and a passion for her subject matter, Lee Lancaster is an outstanding appraiser. Using her impeccable research skills, Lee was able to fairly value a rather obscure artist’s proof of a Grant Wood work in record time. I am delighted to have found someone of this caliber with a breadth of knowledge working so close to home! Leslie Klingner

From Elizabeth Kostova, best-selling author of “The Historian”

Lee Lancaster has a keen eye for art, books, and history. I’d trust her in a heartbeat with any search. In addition, she’s a joy to talk with on these topics!